ConceptArt at the end of the Universe

August 27, 2007, 4:52 pm
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hello everyone! long time no update.. oh well..
this is a test I’ve been working on the last two weeks

my objective was to take a speedpainting and camera project it, trying to keep a painterly feeling with a 3d enviroment (oh, and i did it also to get started with compositing..)

I took an old speedpainting, reconstructed the basic shapes in 3d, repainted everything following the new perspective, and projected it into the scene.
then i painted the “dead” zones and applyed a displacement map based on the diffuse (a lot of work in this last phase).
at last i composited everything in afterfx (actually, it was the first time i used it :P)

one last thing: this work was strongly inspired by tsutomu nihei’s enviroments
hope all you “blame!” fans will enjoy it!

this is a still —> []still

this is the link to the full resolution video (.mov 55 MB)

and this is the link to the low res video (on